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Perhaps you might remember, just under 5 months ago, a prominent Indonesian watch collector and friend of Deployant had his unique Greubel Forsey Invention Piece No. 1 stolen Wednesday 13th July from the home of his business partner and fellow watch collector. The piece unique Invention Piece No. 1 or IP1 was signed #10/11, and features the collector’s specially selected polished bezel as opposed to brushed-finish bezels in the standard collection.

was-lost-now-found-greubel-forsey-invention-piece-1-recovered-2Today, the collector has reached out to Deployant and Greubel Forsey, informing us as that the Invention Piece No. 1 has been recovered. Here’s a letter of thanks from @indohorology:

Dear friends,

On behalf of my partner Keo and myself, we just want to announce a very joyful news regarding the return of my IP1 (no.10/11 with custom polished bezel) that had been stolen about 4 months ago.

The watch has been returned to me today in normal working condition with some scratches on the cosmetic side. But, we couldn’t be happier than having this piece back to us.

This unfortunate event had stirred quite an impact amongst the collectors, and probably had caused the biggest online global hunt for retrieving back the stolen piece. Through this unfortunate event, I still felt very blessed that i am surrounded by good people such as yourselves, and of course…  all the watch communities. Now the search can be put to stop permanently and i can finally have my good sleep back.

Thank you so much for your attention and have a blessed day, folks!

 In case you weren’t convinced at how a “mere watch” could cause such sleeplessness in a collector, perhaps our many reviews of Greubel Forsey and interviews might change your perceptions accordingly.


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