Live from W&W: new from Montblanc

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Montblanc continues to emphasise their mountaineering roots with watches featuring glacier patterns on the dial. But also interesting are two new chronograph releases in based on Minerva favourites, but with a twist.

The 0 Oxygen series has three novelties marked by a blue gasket visible from the dial side. Zero oxygen inside the case not only eliminates fogging, which can occur with drastic temperature changes at altitude, but also prevents oxidization. Without oxygen, all the components last longer and will provide unfaltering precision over time. The series now has the following novelties, Geospheres South Pole, Geospheres The 8000, a new chronograph and an HMS automatic.

Also of interest are two new Minerva chronographs. The first is a back to front Chronograph which is called the Unveiled Secret Minerva Monopusher Chronograph Limited Edition. Two versions are offered, one in a distressed steel LE 58 pcs, and in lime gold (LE 18 pcs). The watch features the historic hand-wound Minerva MB M16.29 movement, flipped over. As with other back to front watches, by simply flipping the watch over requires many additional parts.

The MB M16.29 becomes MB M16.26. Both calibers shown side by side below.

Another interesting watch is the Unveiled Timekeeper. Out top pick from Montblanc this year.

The Watch is a chronograph without pushers! The start/stop/reset is conducted by turning the fluted one click for each activation. Quite elegant!

The movement is based on the original construction of the Calibre 13.20, with the new activation mechanism remained changing to Calibre 13.21.