Live from SIHH 2019: Ferdinand Berthoud

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Swinging over to the Carre Horologers, we stop by at Ferdinand Berthoud.

This SIHH, two new editions in the FB-1 series. The Oeuvre D’or.

The series is constructed entirely of gold. Two versions are available. One in WG gemset, yellow dial and YG movement. FB1.1-2. CHF 282,500 inclusive of Swiss VAT.

The dial is a special execution by hand. First the dial is grained, then the surface is softened with a tool called the rocker which creates an interesting surface texture. The result is a patinated dial looking like the ancient Astronomical Pocket Watch No3 made by Berthoud in 1806.

The yellow gold movement shows a special engraving on the base reminiscent of pyramids.

Also announced is the same Oeuvre D’or is in rose gold with a rose gold movement and rose gold dial. No gemset for this. CHF 258,000 with Swiss VAT.

Peter Chong
Live from Geneva


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