Live from Baselworld: Czapek

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Line extensions for Czapek this year to the Faubourg de Cracovie line. If we remember the line is a new chronograph with vertical clutch.

New is the salmon series which we covered the Press Release. Case size 41.5mm in SS at CHF 24,000 before taxes.

Next line comprise of expressions in enamel.

The first is a black and white enamel Panda dial on the Faubourg de Cracovie line. Called the Tao. CHF 25,500. The standard model is sans date. But the date is available as a low cost option. LE 18 pcs.

The Quai de Bergues Black Enamel S, 38.5mm in a gorgeous black enamel dial in a SS case. CHF 16,000.

Also available in a special blue colour grand fleu over flinqué (stamped) dial. A tool which is hand guilloche by Metallem this is used to make a stamp master which then stamped on the dial. The stamped dial is then sent or Donzé to do the enamel. The dials are not directly guilloched because the enameling has a very high reject rate and it would be too expensive to use guilloched dials as a base. Also at CHF 16,000. LE 10.

Next is a new Place Vendome in Ti. Called Ombres black dial, and a new case inspired by the chronograph. Case 42.5mm at CHF 88,000 LE of 25.

Peter Chong


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  1. So that’s what the salmon dial looks like ‘in real life’. Very nice and exactly what I was hoping.