Live from Baselworld: Casio

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Focus of this year from Casio is the carbon series. Now available throughout the range. Evolving from resin to metal and now carbon.

First the Gravitymaster GWR-B1000. Triple shock resist, radio controlled, solar powered. Flyback Chrono, dial dial world time.

Bezel is made of 52 layers of carbon sheeting. A carbon monocoque case made by carbon pellets. 72g, it is the lightest Gravitymaster. The strap is also in carbon. US$800.

Mudmaster GG-B100.

Thermometer, barometer, digital compass and a step counter. With sunrise and sunset and world time. US$ 350.

Next the G-Steel GST-B200

Reduces from the older model, from 55.9 to 53.3mm diameter.

Smartphone link, world time, solar powered. With chronograph. US$ 280.

MR-G 2019 Limited Edition Gassan

Full metal body in titanium, hand made by Sadanobu Gassan, a swordmaking family with 800 years of history. The purple hue is done by a process called Deep-violet-sip to achieve the koko-murasaki deep violet. 300pcs LE. US$ 7400.

And Casio joins the rainbow fray with the MT-G-B1000.

US$ 1,000 with a bezel in titanium by ion plating.

And an update to the GMW-5900V with a patina like finish created by arc ion plating.

Looks like “brassing” on a black GMW-5000.

Peter Chong
Live from Baselworld