Live from Baselworld 2019: Moser and Hautlence

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The twin brands of Moser and Hautlence continue to amaze us. With the new Kinetic from Hautlence and a Minute Repeater from Moser.

First up, the Moser Endeavour Minute Repeater Black Concept.

The first round Repeater from Moser with a one minute flying tourbillon. Good sounding. Hammers visible dial side. CHF 320,000 LE 10pcs in a 43mm WG case.

Hautlence HL Sphere changes the display of time with a unique display. Minutes are retrograde with a fan shaped dial.

And the hours are shown on a sphere which spins around at the top of each hour to the next. WG, LE. S$150,000.

A new Vantablack, now in the Venturer case, 39mm in red gold.

CHF 25,000.

And the Endeavour Flying Hours now I’m a fumé Super Luminova dial in a 42mm WG case. LE 100 pcs at CHF 35,000.


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