Kari Voutilainen Observertoire

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Kari Voutilainen’s simple time only watch…a la Dufour’s Simplicity is the Observertoire. I had the oppportunity to photograph this masterpiece in Motiers in January, after the SIHH when I visited with some good friends.

The dial shows great restraint, and looks extremely handsome. The rose engine turned dial is made onsite at Kari’s premises. I visited the rose engine at the basement of his workshop/home.

From the rear, showing the movement:

A more detailed look at the movement, showing the very high degree of difficulty design and finish:

Note the inward turning sharp points on the bridge holding the third and fourth wheels. These are extremely difficult to execute, as it necessitates finishing of the anglage by hand. Note also the glitter of the anglage, indicating that the watchmaker spent a good amount of time polishing it to this level of finish.

The special swril on the concave winding teeth covering the barrel is also a special technique:

And finally an attempt to show the movement’s 3D nature, flowing and ebbing of the bridges, the magnificent balance cock and the blued hairspring. Quite captivating and breathtaking!


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