IWC Portugeiser Jubilee: The extreme macros

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On Tuesday, I showed the IWC Portugeiser Jubilee…today are the extreme macros of the same watch.

Owned by my great friend Eddie…thanks for the loan of watch. Do note this is a well loved, and often worn watch…I take no additional precautions to remove dust and evidence of wear.

Details of the watch…

The barrel

The magnificent bridge, flowing, elegant.

The cocks, bearing the 4th, 5th wheels.

Detail of the center jewel and the endstone jewel of the balance

Final photograph…click on it for a large 1920 wide wallpaper.



  1. Anonymous, this was photographed with the GH2 and the PL 45mm macro. No extension tubes, as the lens is capable of 2x magnification.

    On the Hassie, to get the same magnification, I need 78mm extension on the 120mm Macro.

  2. Great shot Peter, did you by any chance used a hasselblad 26mm extension tube on this? saw that you use h3d and 80mm 😀