Its National Retro Day! Get funky with the Casio Vintage x Pac-Man watch

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Get old school and retro with the Casio Vintage x Pac-Man A100WEPC watch for National Retro Day. Its gonna be fun!

Yes! There is a National Retro Day. We didn’t know it either, but apparently its February 27! And it is a day to celebrate with something retro. Watch a retro movie. Host a retro party. And wear a retro watch…and the watch which comes to mind is this Casio Pac-Man…reminiscent of the 1980s, when days were spent hovering the Pac-Man machine playing this addictive game.

Casio Vintage x Pac-Man A100WEPC

Retail price for the Casio Vintage x Pac-Man A100WEPC is SGD 169.00 incl GST / USD 99.95.

The watch was released in July 2021, and is a funky throwback to the Pac-Man game machine of old.

The Pac-Man arcade game was first released in 1980 by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. (then Namco), and was extremely popular. The highly addictive game featured colourful graphics, bright pixelated characters running through a maze. In 2005, it was reconised by the Guiness World Records as the “most successful coin operated game.” You can actually go to the Casio website, and play a game. Or two…or get stuck for hours! Don’t blame us if you do…

The Casio Vintage x Pac-Man watch is the A100WEPC, and is based on the recently released A100 watch. The watch reprises the design of the original F-100 which was released in 1978. The F-100 was the first Casio quartz watch in a resin case and came with a stopwatch and calendar functions.

The A100WEPC retains the four-button front layout. The styling evoles the fun, retro look of the Pac-Man game. The dial is a colourful pixelated Pac-Man and ghost characters. and a center Illuminator logo is rendered with the Pac-Man font. The face design replicates the Pac-Man screen, down to detailing like the pink line marking the exit of the nest from which the ghosts emerge.

The watch is gold plated, and even this is an inspiration taken from the Pac-Man arcade game cabinet. The watch band is laser etched with a rendering of Pac-Man being chased by ghosts.

The case back shows a scene with Pac-Man chasing ghosts, with Pac-Man logo and icons.

And no. You cannot play the Pac-Man game on the watch. But its still a fun, funky watch to rock. And at USD 100, its not going to break the bank.

Casio Vintage x Pac-Man A100WEPC Specifications

Case and Band Material
Resin case, stainless steel band
Water Resistance
Water resistant for daily use
Stopwatch (1/10 second, measurement capacity: 59’59″9), daily alarm, hourly time signal, auto-calendar, LED light
Accuracy at Normal Temperature
±30 seconds per month
Battery Life
Approx. 3 years on CR1616
Size of Case
Total Weight
Approx. 53g

1/10-second stopwatch
Measuring capacity: 59’59.9”
Measuring mode: Elapsed time
Alarm/hourly time signal
Daily alarm
Hourly time signal

Accuracy: ±30 seconds per month
Other features
Regular timekeeping:
Hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, day


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