Invitation: Rare handcrafts to be showcased at the Patek Philippe Salons in Geneva

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From April 19 to 21, at its Salons on Rue du Rhône, Patek Philippe is showcasing its entire collection of the rare handcrafts timepieces that premiered at Baselworld 2018. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover all the exceptionally inspiring dome table clocks, pocket watches and wristwatches before they continue their journey to private collections all over the world.

With fifty one-of-a-kind pieces as well as limited editions, the Patek Philippe rare handcrafts collection 2018 pays tribute to a wide range of ancestral skills. Manual engraving is the oldest decorative art form associated with watchmaking. Grand Feu enamel embraces different techniques: Cloisonné, paillonné, grisaille, enamel relief (Fauré enamel), Longwy enamel on ceramics with black-framed decorations, and the highly complex art of miniature painting on enamel, a venerable Genevan tradition.

The exhibition also devotes considerable exposure to wood micromarquetry, a discipline that Patek Philippe has been promoting for several years now. The Genevan brand celebrates this exclusive technique for adorning wristwatch dials or the backs of pocket watches at the highest level of artistry. Mixed-technique pieces are also on display. They unite several artisanal skills with great virtuosity.
Numerous masterpieces reflecting contemporary inspirations combined with centuries-old know-how can be admired now at the Patek Philippe Salons in Geneva.

The exclusive exhibition is open to the public from 10 am to 6 pm.


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