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Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr + has come a long way. Since we went live in July 2014, we’ve served over 3 million watch collectors that come regularly to read and learn about the wonderful world of haute horology.

This 2016 (and just in time for SIHH’16), we’re glad to announce significant upgrades to not only the look and feel of the site, but also a complete migration to a more powerful server architecture, AND we’re bringing the server home to Asia. Deployant will now run from servers based Singapore, and then served by a global content distribution network so that wherever you are in the world, you’ll get our content faster than ever.

  • upgrade to SSD storage and a bunch of new processors servers
  • upgraded content distribution to over 32 cities worldwide
  • mobile optimizations and a complete recode of the engine


The new DEPLOYANT engine has been geared from ground up towards reading on mobile devices, but it also introduces new features and optimizations for desktop and tablet readers.

Most importantly, we’ve enabled new ways you can react to the watches you read about – whether you agree with our take or not – you now have a voice! And soon, you’ll even be able to have a say in terms of how we rate and award reviewed watches!

In the meantime, if you do find bugs or some quirk you would like us to look into, please leave your comments on this post. Do bear with us as we even out all the creases and gremlins over the coming days :p

We hope you enjoy the new content site – this will just be the start of a most excellent 2016 where we will be introducing a host of new initiatives for the community, and by the community.

– GF

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