Industry news: Grand Seiko creates a new company for the Asia Pacific market

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Grand Seiko stretches its wings into the Asia Pacific market with the creation of the new company – Grand Seiko Asia Pacific.


We watch with interest to see where this new initiative will take us. Seiko’s ambitions to expand the Grand Seiko marque is evident with this regional initiatives. We understand Grand Seiko Europe was the first, and we have participated in some of its activities. In 2017, our Chief Editor spoke at their event in the then new London Boutique. The creation of Grand Seiko Americas helmed by Bride le Troadec, who had cut his teeth in Omega was a big boon to the market. The stature of Gand Seiko in the US has risen greatly with this new company. Especially as the market is ably supported also by our friend Joe Kirk. We have seen several limited editions created specifically only for the market. And the market grown significantly since.

Thus with Grand Seiko Asia-Pacific, we receive the news with some excitement. The Chairman of the new company will be none other than Seiko Watch Co’s President – Akio Naito, a man known for his action and foresight. While we are not familiar with the new Managing Director Yoshikatsu Kawada, having only met him once in Japan. See our Visit Seiko series – Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. We are very happy to see that our friend Ms Ida Idris-Low has been appointed as Regional Brand Director. We had an extensive and good working relationship with Ida in her previous role as Regional Head of Communications in Patek Philippe for the region.

As noted, Thong Sia will continue its involvement as a a joint venture partner for the new entity. Also of interest is the expression that they will be establishing a new Grand Seiko boutique in Singapore soon.

Press Release

Seiko Watch Corporation is pleased to announce an important initiative designed to further accelerate the growth of the Grand Seiko brand in the Asia-Pacific region. 

On October 3, 2022, a new company, Grand Seiko Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd., will commence operations from its headquarters in Singapore. Its purpose is to provide Grand Seiko with the solid foundation, resources and investment that will ensure its future growth in the region. 

The company will be the third such company dedicated exclusively to the marketing and sales of Grand Seiko, following the establishment of Grand Seiko Corporation of America and Grand Seiko Europe S.A.S. It will be a joint venture between Seiko Watch Corporation and Thong Sia Watch (Far East) Co. Ltd. 

The creation of Grand Seiko Asia-Pacific will bring decision-making about the implementation of the brand’s strategy closer to the market and allow Seiko Watch Corporation to increase its marketing investment in the brand. In a few months’ time, the new company will also open the very first Grand Seiko Boutique in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands.

Akio Naito will be the Chairman of Grand Seiko Asia-Pacific and will take on this position in addition to his existing role as President of Seiko Watch Corporation. The Managing Director will be Yoshikatsu Kawada, concurrently Executive Vice President, Seiko Watch Corporation, and the Regional Brand Director will be Ida Idris-Low. 

As symbols of both the importance of the new company and the long established and successful partnership between Seiko Watch Corporation and Thong Sia, Shinji Hattori, the Chairman of Seiko Watch Corporation, and Joseph Wong, the Chairman of Thong Sia Watch Group, will both assume the role of honorary chairmen. 

“The creation of this new company is another milestone in the history of Grand Seiko. I am delighted by the progress that Grand Seiko has made in the past few years in many markets throughout the world and I am certain that Grand Seiko Asia-Pacific will allow us to further increase the brand’s profile in this important region. I believe that we can look forward to a golden era for Grand Seiko,” said Akio Naito.

Grand Seiko is making great strides forward in the Americas, in Europe, in Australasia and elsewhere. The establishment of Grand Seiko Asia-Pacific will ensure that the brand enjoys the same success in this fast-growing region.


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