Hublot Key of Time

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Faster or slower by flicking a switch…the Hublot Key of Time

Known variously as Hublot MP-02 and Key of Time, the concept of willfully being able to make your watch go faster or slower is an interesting, and conversational subject.

Initially conceived by Mathias Butlet at BNB Concept (now owned by Hublot), I was not quite prepared when I saw the watch for the first time.

While the case was made of DLC titanium, it is fitted with a curved, moulded rubber strap, reminded me of a Casio G-Shock or similar. The graphics in luminous green, red and white on black help support this illusion.

But Casio this is not. The watch features a vertically mounted tourbillon, in between the lower case lugs, and visible to the owner with his hands on the steering wheel.

The movement is visible from the case back, but precious little is visible, though what is, seems to be nicely finished. The spider bridge which support the back.

The BNB calling card of the vertical tourbillon.

The 3 o’clock crown does the regular function of winding and setting the time. The crown at 9 o’clock does the switching to fast mode or slow mode.

When in fast or slow mode, the watch keeps the regular time, so when you switch back from either fast or slow to correct time, the hands move to indicate the correct time.

Interesting conversational timepiece…but one which does not come at a low price…


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