Greubel Forsey to completely eliminate leather from its straps

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Greubel Forsey announces that it will completely eliminate animal leather from its straps. Starting January 1, 2022, 100% of Greubel Forsey straps will be crafted from high quality plant-based materials. This is a first for the brand, and a first in the watch industry.

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This decision represents a paradigm shift in the industry. Greubel Forsey does not compromise on quality and today, the Atelier yet again confirms its convictions.

«the technical offer for plant-based straps is mature, and our clients are by nature forward-thinking and welcoming of innovation. We want to be in line with their world vision and we are delighted to write a new chapter of responsible and sustainable High-end Watchmaking»

Antonio Calce, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board Member.

Starting 1 January 2022, Greubel Forsey will firmly abide by its convictions and no longer use any animal-based product, of any kind or origin, for any of its straps. The Atelier’s specifications for the new plant-based straps are exactly the same as those for its leather straps.

Plant-Based Straps – Invention Piece 1

Its principle of pursuing exceptional quality is now being pushed to the extreme: aesthetics, durability, wear, resistance to water, ultraviolet rays, etc. It’s virtually impossible to differentiate between a plant-based strap and its leather predecessor by look and feel, while also making the sacrifice and suffering of animals a thing of the past.

Plant-Based Straps – QP à Équation

Several color variations will be available, just like the leather straps used today. The same will apply to buckles: with a folding clasp or pin buckle, depending on the model and on the demand. This is yet another innovation, as high-end plant-based straps with a folding clasp did not yet exist in Fine Watchmaking.

Plant-Based Straps – GMT

A new chapter is being written for Greubel Forsey and this initiative will not remain isolated, as the Atelier is currently working on new responsible developments, in the short and medium term.

It’s time for a change.


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  1. ARB CuentaTiempos on

    Epa! A irse acostumbrando pues. Con la recesión que lleva la economía y el hambre que está pasando ahora mismo muchas personas en el mundo, este me parece un problema menor. Yo siempre he sido de armis puro y duro. Aunque reconozco que muchos guardatiempos llevan cuero en su estilo o se ven mal. Ya veremos que rumbo toma esta idea.

  2. Leather is a renewable resource. The rare earth metals, and precious stones that they use in their watches, not so much. What causes more damage to the planet? A cow, or the mines where the gold, steel, platinum, and so on are dug up? What about the refineries that take the raw ore and make it into a usable metal? They’re know for their energy efficiency and cleanliness right? All this from a company that sells watches that cost tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollar. And they’re worried about 8” of leather? I promise you, no one buying these watches has ever said, they’d buy more if only they didn’t have a leather strap.

  3. I want my alligator, ostrich, calf strap on

    Greenwashing at its best: Making a fool of the buyer with overpriced watches and non-leather “organic” straps that look so bland and cheap. What a joke…