Greubel Forsey GMT Quadruple Tourbillon – chapter 2 of the saga in a new titanium case model – price and commentary

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Greubel Forsey’s super complicated, ultra high end GMT Quadruple Tourbillon just got extended with a new model in a titanium case. The GMT Quadruple Tourbillon was released in 2019 with a white gold case.

We covered the details of the original 2019 release here for the details. We also carried live photographs on our Live from Baselworld 2019: Greubel Forsey report. And carried a detailed review:

Greubel Forsey GMT Quadruple Tourbillon – full hands-on review.

Press release with commentary and additional information in italics.

GMT Quadruple Tourbillon in titanium.

Greubel Forsey GMT Quadruple Tourbillon

Retail price is of the Greubel Forsey GMT Quadruple Tourbillon Chapter 2 in titanium, limited to 11 pieces is CHF 760,000.


This new model is chapter 2 of the 66 planned pieces of the GF GMT Quadruple Tourbillon. Chapter 1 was written in 2019 with 11 pieces in white gold. As we understand it, there are still some watches of the white gold which are not yet delivered. Chapter 2 is another 11 pieces in titanium case, and about 5 will be completed for this year. The total number for the edition remains at 66 pieces, and we can expect there to be 4 additional variants to be available before the book closes on this caliber.

The 2019 Chapter 1 GMT Quadruple Tourbillon in WG.

The retail price is just CHF 20,000 less than the white gold launch edition which was also limited to 11 pieces. The modest reduction in recommended retail is to be expected, even though titanium is much less expensive than gold as a case material. The complexity of the movement means that the bulk of the cost goes to the production of the movement.

However, titanium remains an interesting material for a watch case, even though tradition demands a precious metal to hold the movement. Titanium is perhaps a more technical material, and is physically stronger and lighter than gold, and more resistant to corrosion than steel. This new GMT Quadruple Tourbillon is some 30% lighter than the gold version, giving the watch a different feel on the wrist. And it comes with a rubber strap in place of the standard alligator strap for the white gold chapter 1. Especially as the GF is a rather massive watch, with the case diameter measuring some 46.5mm, and 17.45mm thick. But your mileage may vary, as some collectors invariably prefer a heavier watch, while others a lighter one.

GMT Quadruple Tourbillon

Other than the case material, the rest of the watch is exactly as the one released as chapter 1. And our review of the GMT Quadruple Tourbillon in 2019 stands. Also please revisit that review for more photographs of the white gold version.

Press Release

The GMT Quadruple Tourbillon had only one chapter. Today, Greubel Forsey writes the second and reveals an 11 piece edition of this groundbreaking timepiece in Titanium. With new materials, new colours and new finishes, this revolutionary and modern limited edition launches the GMT Quadruple Tourbillon towards unexplored horizons and resolutely marks the dawn of a new chapter.

GMT Quadruple Tourbillon

The GMT Quadruple Tourbillon is radical in all its aspects. First of all, by its construction. The Quadruple Tourbillon is Greubel Forsey’s second Fundamental Invention, The mission: to average out positional errors due to gravity in all situations, especially in stable wristwatch positions. To achieve this, the original tourbillon has been elevated to realise its full potential: inclined at 30°, doubled and then quadrupled. The result, two synchronised Double Tourbillon 30° mechanisms, where a first cage, inclined at 30° and rotating in one minute, is nested within a second horizontal cage, completing a full rotation in four minutes. A spherical differential transmits the average timing rate of the four tourbillon cages, improving the overall chronometric performance of all the regulating organs.

GMT Quadruple Tourbillon

The GMT Quadruple Tourbillon is radical by design. With this exclusive limited edition in titanium with striking blue accents, Greubel Forsey offers an unexpected alternative to the precious metals that High-end watchmaking traditionally favours. Titanium has numerous qualities: it is both stronger and lighter than steel, while also being extremely resistant to corrosion and magnetic fields. With a reduction of over a third of its weight, the new titanium case offers a brand new, modern and dynamic feel on the wrist, which has inspired the choice of the new rubber strap, in order to assert this new contemporary identity.

GMT Quadruple Tourbillon

The toughness of titanium, which defines the 46.5mm case of the GMT Quadruple Tourbillon, presents a significant machining and hand finishing challenge for the components made from it, such as the GMT pusher or the folding clasp or the crown. In addition, new hand finishing details have been specially created for this timepiece. The circular-grained hour ring with polished bevels and 72-hour chronometric power reserve indication appear for the first time in a brilliant blue. The mainplate is now frosted and spotted with polished bevelling, countersinks and straight-grained flanks, executed in a grey finish.

GMT Quadruple Tourbillon

Planet Earth, set near eight o’clock, shines in a new light with the blue livery. An original Greubel Forsey creation from ten years ago (2011), the rotating terrestrial globe allows for the simultaneous display of several different time zones: on the dial side, with a 24-hour ring around the Earth, for Day/Night indication and on the caseback side, displaying 24 major cities their respective time zones while distinguishing between those which use summer time (on a light coloured backdrop), and those which do not (on a dark backdrop). The sapphire crystal window around the equator completes the timepiece, offering a complete view of the Earth in motion, with its continents immersed in the deep blue ocean waters, complementing the exquisite blue finish of the power reserve, hour circle and strap.

GMT Quadruple Tourbillon Specifications

11 pieces in titanium
Hand-wound movement with 3 patents
GMT • 2nd time zone • rotating globe with universal time and day-and-night • universal time on 24 time zones • cities observing summer time • lateral window showing the equator and southern hemisphere • GMT pusher • Quadruple Tourbillon • hours and minutes • small seconds • power-reserve

• Movement: 705 parts
• 84 • Olived-domed jewels in gold chatons
• 72 hours
• 21’600 vibrations/hour
• Inner tourbillons inclined at a 30° angle, 1 rotation per minute • Outer tourbillons: 1 rotation in 4 minutes, 1 gold counterweight per double cage bearing the individual number of the timepiece

• In titanium with asymmetrical convex synthetic sapphire crystal
CASE DIMENSIONS • Diameter: 46,50mm • Height : 17,45mm
• Multi-level in gold, anthracite colour • Gold hour-ring and power reserve • Gold hour markers
• Rubber or hand-sewn alligator • Titanium folding clasp, engraved with the GF logo


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