Grand Seiko Marinemaster Spring Drive

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Another one in the series of Quickshots…the Seiko Marinemaster Spring Drive. Also another one I count as fascinating value for money catagory.

Seiko is one of the under rated companies in the world of high horology. While the world fusses over the Swiss and Germans…quietly, our Japanese friends in Shiojiri have been creating amazingly beautiful and incredibly innovative watches. Their Credor series, which I have featured in these pages peak the top of the finish sweepstakes. The Spring Drive is one of the wonderful innovations created by Seiko.

Today I feature the Grand Seiko Marinemaster Spring Drive

Photographed in a dark restaurant, but the magnificence of the watch shines…the case is quite large at 44mm, but fits well on my wrist.

Compared side by side to the more down to earth Seiko (note no Grand…so the finishing for these pieces are less a focus than the design, but they are finished properly. And of course, much less expensive).

One of the hidden gems in high end horology.


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