Delaneau Amazone 1608 series of piece unique watches

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I typically associate DeLaneau as a jewellery watch company. Mea Culpa, they are not only about jewellery, but also about high horology, as evidenced by their Amazone 1608 collection of unique artwork pieces, with an interesting movement.

I show here a trio of interesting ladies timepieces…

The movement is based on the Federic Piguet 11.50, and I understand with custom work done by Renaud et Papi, and features 4 separate digital discs, which jump to show the time. This the closest to this intuitive style of digital display, which one reads horizontally from left to right is in the exemplary Lange Zeitwerk.

While the Zeitwerk movement is rather more sophisticated, featuring a remontoir, the DeLaneau movement is still very nicely done.

Each piece not only features the technically interesting jumping hour/minute mechanism and display, but also showcases unique 3 dimensional art in enamel, gemsetting, cloisoine.

As a result, each piece is unique. And breathtakingly beautiful.

On my wrist…in lieu of a beautiful lady’s wrist…looks good too…


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