Dear Santa: A Christmas wishlist

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Whether you are a religious person or not, it is undeniable that the Christmas season is a time for millions of families and their loved ones to get together for symbolic celebrations and usually, the most favoured activity would be the gift exchange.

If Santa were to come to town today, how would he rate your behaviour this year? Would he say that you have been naughty, or would you have been nice? On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “I once bought a replica for research purposes”, and 10 is “I don’t even ask for discounts at my AD”, how would you fare in 2017?

Well I believe that I might just score a high 9.5 this year and since it is the time to indulge, I’ve picked two watches from our archives that I wouldn’t mind Santa bringing me down a chimney, even if they are covered in coal!

The A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Striking Time

Having reviewed my collection in detail (on Instagram where I use it as my compendium because where else can one keep all their watches in a single place!) I guess what I am really lacking now would be of course, (ahem!) a minute repeater. Before you start rolling your eyes going “duh”, let me add that since we are at this, why not make it a mechanical digital jumping piece too. What fits the bill would be the fancy quarter-striker Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time that my heart covets for.

The Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time in white gold, black dial The dial can appear to be blue under certain lighting conditions, due to the anti-reflection coating on the sapphire glass.

The Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time on the wrist of fellow writer Frank Chou. (Photo by Frank Chuo)

The case back of the author’s Zeitwerk Striking time, showing the magnificent movement. (Photo by Frank Chuo)

My fellow writer Frank who owns this piece shares that he chose the Striking Time variant of the Zeitwerk for the very same reasons, “because not only does it express time with jumping numerals, it does so with sound too – and such complexity always makes the watch geek in me giddy with glee!”

The Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time doesn’t just have a charming face. It also comes with a thoughtful 36 hour power reserve complication with a mesmerizing display caseback. Although you might refute that this is a big watch at 44.2mm and it may not be suitable for me… I guess no one would really care about a ginormous watch on a tiny wrist, when it comes from the Zeitwerk family!

Naturally with characteristics like such, and with its visible hammers and gongs visible in motion when they are at work, it is with no doubt that this is will be a straight-up conversation starter. Imagine all the chatter around it if you were to wear it to a Christmas party!

The Zenith El Primero chronograph

For my second piece in the wishlist I have chosen the Zenith El Primero chronograph, a classic and slightly more conservative choice in terms of price. I guess I’d better be more realistic with this one on the wishlist if I want to get it fulfilled; well at least one out of the two is more attainable at this moment!

Everyone knows the Zenith El Primero and I have yet to meet anyone who tells me that they dislike it. I have loved the traditional series for the longest time and it is almost atrocious to think that I do not even have one of the many types available in my collection yet. My pick will have to be the Tri-Color dial variant, preferably housed in their new 38mm case, tracing its roots back to the original produced in year 1969. The basic Zenith El Primero chronograph gives you a lot of bang for your buck and immediate street (or wrist) cred, with its proprietary high-beat column wheel movement, easily recognizable overlapping subdials and that stark, contrasting red central seconds hand.

A perennial favourite of many collectors would be the Open Heart series, which is also probably the most talked-about, with its balance wheel visible via a cut-out of the dial between 9 to 11 o’clock, which required some major adjustments to the movement.

The Zenith El Primero Classic Car variant we reviewed last year has quite a handsome dial with cotes-de-geneve engraving on the dial side.

The El Primero Classic Car with cotes-de-geneve engraving on its dial.


Zenith El Primero B&W

How about the El Primero, in black on white dial and in white on black dial has an aluminum case with ceramic coating?

To me, the basic El Primero is a considerably a reasonably priced timepiece that is appropriate for both genders, and at almost any occasion, absolutely suited to be worn as a daily beater. And why of course, I do need a chronograph as a daily beater, how else can I time the instant noodles on the stove or know how long I leave my facial mask on for?

There you have it, my two watches on my Christmas wishlist this year, one to indulge my thoughts with, and the other, an attainable daily beater. What do you think? If you have these two timepieces in mind too, leave a comment below!


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  1. Since it is so difficult to get and since we are asking Santa (he can do incredible things you know), what about a Patek 5711 in steel as the first choice? Second choice is the Vacheron Constantin Historiques Triple Calendrier 1942.