Christmas Blessings! Glad tidings of peace, joy and love!

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We take the day off today, and celebrate Christmas. And will be back tomorrow!

Blessed Christmas! Greetings from Singapore.

Yet another year of complete disappearance of international travel and restrictions. While 2021 is a bit better for some that were able to travel to some watch shows, attending Geneva Watch Week and Dubai Watch Week, we stayed completely at home in Singapore the whole year. We have had 2 booked watch trips which have been cancelled or postponed in 2021, and 1 more meeting the similar fate which was scheduled for January 2022. Let’s hope and pray for the pandemic to be over, and for normalcy to return. And we can start international travel soon.

In the meantime, we give thanks for our blessings. Have a Merry Christmas Everybody!

The Sacred Heart Church in downtown Singapore.

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