Casio Singapore introduces two new Premium G-shocks MRG-G2000HA and MTG-B1000

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CASIO Singapore has announced the release of two new premium G-SHOCKs in Singapore next month in July 2018. The MRG-G2000HA and MTG-B1000 were both unveiled in March at Baselworld 2018, where CASIO presented its novelties for the year, and Singapore will be one of the first markets in the world to carry these timepieces.

The MRG-G2000HA is the latest addition to the MR-G collection, the flagship of CASIO’s G-SHOCK line-up. This timepiece draws its inspiration from the tsuba (sword guard), a fitting on Japanese swords that doesn’t just protect its wielder’s hands and contribute to the weapon’s balance, but also serves as a decorative element on the sword. The MRG-G2000HA similarly melds both form and function. The former is achieved with its bezel and bracelet centre links, which have been crafted to resemble a style of sword guards called tetsu-tsuba. Specifically, their indentations recall the hammering technique used to create tetsu-tsuba, while their colours bring to mind murasaki-gane (deep violet metal) and suaka copper – coloured alloys used in various traditional Japanese crafts.

To achieve these hues, Arc Ion Plating (AIP) was used to apply a hard coloured coating to the components, which have already been pre-treated with a deep-layer hardening technique. The result is a richly-coloured surface that’s also especially abrasion-resistant – form backed with function. The MRG-G2000HA matches this scratchproof, shock-resistant exterior with a Connected Engine 3-Way module that has GPS, terrestrial radio wave, and Bluetooth connectivity. It is thus able to keep time accurately anywhere in the world, and can be paired with a smartphone for updates and on-the-fly adjustments.

Meanwhile, the MTG-B1000 is the newest model from the MT-G collection. The timepiece retains but improves on the MT-G collection’s unique Core Guard Structure, which houses the watch module inside a protective metal “cage”. Previously, this cage was formed by linking the bezel and case back with four pipe-shaped metal components. In the MTG-B1000, planar parts are used to create a “box” instead. This has allowed the layout of parts to be optimised for a more streamlined case profile, which in turn improves the wearability of the watch. With its Connected Engine module, the MRG-B1000 is capable of receiving radio wave time-calibration signals to keep time accurately around the world. The watch’s Bluetooth connectivity also allows it to access local time servers via a paired smartphone, while also enabling app-based updates and adjustments of its other functions, including alarms and the worldtimer.

The MRG-G2000HA will see a limited run of just 350 watches worldwide, and retail for S$10,888 in Singapore. Two references of the MTG-B1000 are available; the MTG-B1000-1ADR will retail for S$1,199, while the MTG-B1000B-1ADR with black Ion Plating (IP) treatment will retail for S$1,249. The watches will all be available from 6 to 15 July 2018 at the G-SHOCK pop-up boutique at Cortina Watch Mandarin Gallery.


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  1. Just another guy on the web on

    In my opinion, Casio is the most under-rated watchmaker on Earth. This is for 3 reasons; they don’t produce mechanical movements, they offer extremely good value and they don’t spend tens of millions of dollars hiring “Brand Ambassadors” and plastering their name all over tennis matches and the like. And of course the 4th reason is, they are Japanese.
    Just like Seiko, their high-end offerings are very different from their base models despite carrying the same brand name- something the market-segment-mad West cannot get its head around. More importantly, there is no Swiss alternative. Therefore The Swiss pretend there is no market for this kind of watch. A watch which is super-accurate, incredibly useful and twenty times more shock-resistant than the best mechanical watch. But these high end Casios suffer from a major problem. They are simply far too big. Far Far too big.
    This is an incredible shame.