Casio G-SHOCK releases a new 5 part mixed media documentary

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Casio G-SHOCK invites fans to learn more about the story of the durable and unbreakable watch for urbanites in a series of mixed media documentary in 5 parts “From the Begining to GMW-B5000”.

The documentary campaign features Mr Kikuo Ibe – the founder of G-SHOCK – dealing the inception of the brand and the evolution of the classic, square-faced resin DW-5000C to the full-metal GMW-B5000.

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Casio G-SHOCK Origins 5 part Documentary

Episode 1: The Origin of G-SHOCK

The first story – Origin of G-SHOCK – summarises the inspiration behind the brand and timepiece. After a personally impactful experience, Mr Ibe set out to build a watch that would never break, flouting the prevailing view that finely made watches were susceptible to breakage if dropped.

G-SHOCK Illustration

The story highlights the arduous journey of creating a timeless and tough watch, the ‘Never Give Up’ philosophy and tough spirit of G-SHOCK.

Episode 2: Evolution to the Full Metal

The second story showcases the passion and craftsmanship behind the team at G-SHOCK, and the three decade-long aspiration of Mr Ibe and his team who sought to build a full metal-clad version of the watch, while retaining its shock-resistant construction and to craft it in the finest of materials – gold.

Episode 3: The birth of GMW-B5000

The third story reveals the development of the full-metal G-SHOCK for mass production, inheriting the technology of the concept model – the stunningly exclusive gold G-SHOCK – featured at Baselworld 2015. Experience the brand’s uncompromising pursuit of design and technology.

G-SHOCK GMW-B5000 Visual

Episode 4: The beauty of GMW-B5000

The fourth story details how the GMW-B5000 encompasses the beauty of strength while retaining the design of the very first G-SHOCK, DW-5000C. From the shape of the watch to the lettering on the face, or the way of engraving on the case, it was reproduced in detail.

G-SHOCK GMW-B5000 Side

Episode 5: All about the GMW-B5000

The fifth story is all about how Mr Ibe and his team continues to explore new possibilities for G-SHOCK, the unique colourings, materials, finishes used for the GMW-B5000, and its collaborations with partners that share its vision.


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