A. Lange & Sohne: Richard Lange Pour le Merite

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The Lange Richard Lange Pour le Merite is one of the 4 watches within the Lange collection which carry the fusee and chain mechanism.

This particular example is owned by a good friend of mine. And I had the pleasure to photograph this watch under very dim conditions of a Michelin starred restaurant in Dresden…the Bean and Beluga. A review of the food will follow next week, but for now, I think the beauty of the watch shows up, even under such dim conditions.

The movement side…

Shot at 800 iso, with the 45mm macro Panasonic Leica lens, at f/2.8, the GH2 redeems itself quite well under this lighting condition. No flash, no tripod…handheld.

The depth of field is shallow, no doubt as the aperture was wide open. But the lens was sharp, and showed good detail. The sensor captured very good colour as well.

The files begin to breakdown at larger prints, but for web use, I think it suffices.


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