2012 Novelty: Ludovic Ballouard’s Half Time

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Ludovic Ballouard: innovative genius?

Ludovic Ballouard is a funny, quirky fellow. His humour extends to the location of his show during the SIHH – the Hotel du Midi – with its quirky furniture in the lobby and large, loud sculptures, to the watches he makes.

Formerly working at Francois Paul Journe, Ludovic was formerly in charge of building FPJ’s striking watches, he started out on his own. The first watch he produced is a deceivingly simple looking watch known as The Upside Down Time. And this year, he created another interesting piece – the Half Time.

Two rings, each carrying half of the roman numerals needed for the timeshowing of the watch…but split such that they do not make any numerals except at 12 o’clock, which the two halfs combine to make a whole roman numeral. A retrograde minute hand adorns the six o’clock position.

The finish of the watch is quite remarkable. Most of the plates are manufactured and finished by Romain Gautier, but designed and assembled at Ludovic’s atelier:

The movement is quite complicated, and nicely finished.

Photo note: the first image was photographed with available lighting, and the second with a small Canon EX580II flash.


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